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Express Your Light - Audiobook

Express Your Light - Audiobook

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Immediately after purchase you'll receive a  recorded mp3 file of me narrating my book Express Your Light straight to the email you enter during checkout.

Please note that this audiobook was recorded in my apartment and has not yet been professionally recorded. As soon as I make a new professional recording of this book I will send you an email update with a link to download the newer version.


Book Description:

The Universe created your world as a playground for you to enjoy. Whenever you create something, you express the light of the Universe in a way only you can do.

The vital thing you must realize about life on earth is that your beliefs create your reality. When you believe something is true, you begin noticing and attracting things in your world that confirm your belief.

In this book, you'll learn how to let go of old limiting beliefs and integrate new ones that attract a life to you that feels like heaven on earth. With these new beliefs, you'll shine your light as brightly as possible and inspire everyone you cross paths with to do the same.


Eric John Campbell

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